Aqua2Life is a knowledge-cum-innovation platform connecting customers and innovators in the field of water treatment, distribution, monitoring and management systems.

To cater all the needs of water professionals, Aquas2Life provides user-friendly interfaces, interactive knowledge resources and a professional match-making portal, where individuals and business meet for news and discussion about water technology. Together, we fill the knowledge gap and formulate a coherent agenda in promoting innovative, economical and sustainable water-tech projects.


Customer matchmaking: Innovation platform that Set-up matchmaking events connecting innovators with pilot customers.

Knowledge transfer platform

Bringing together research institutions and innovative business together to work on common issues.

Innovation ecosystem

We combine industry know-how, academe and commercial marketplace with entrepreneurial passion.

Global sustainability

Promoting innovative projects adopting the reduction of water footprint and increasing eco-efficiency.
  • Our Vision

    Our vision is make Aqua2life The page to support Aqua innovators in the weakest stage of a development process by providing market specific testers to reach scale. By giving entrepreneurs everywhere a platform to test their new and groundbreaking products with knowledgeable testers we look to people to support ideas that might otherwise be overlooked. Helping innovators develop cost-effective, sustainable and cutting-edge water-tech products and services. Simultaneously we envision Aqua2life to be the place where people from around the world gain and share knowledge to reshape our water.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide innovators timely, accurate and professional services in match-making with pilot customers. Aqua2Life targets in promoting innovators to developing sustainable products that can reduce the global water footprint by 1 million m3 of water and reducing CO2 emission by at least 500 metric tons, while boosting several job creation, economic growth and social inclusion.