Aqua2Life offers innovators a unique opportunity to interact with customers to understand the real problems they face, collect user stories for product improvement and scale-up.

Our vast customer database can help the innovators identify their targeted customers and conduct a pilot study with them. Integrating consumer feedbacks and reviews in the development phase will help innovators refine products before launch.


Reaching out to customers through the normal channels is a very expensive and time consuming process. Through Aqua2Life we bring interested customers and you under one roof specifically to hear your innovative products and/or solutions. Aqua2Life assists and guide the innovators in all painstaking steps taken through product development, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and finally into the hands of the customer.

Opportunity to connect directly with potential customers
Opportunity to connect directly with potential customers
Product feedback from customer and experts
Participate in local networking event to learn from your peers and interact face-to-face with customerss
Advice and support from a team of experienced scientific and business professionals
Access to a network of investors and corporate partners